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IMG_3880[1]This week we started a new topic in maths called Fractions and we started off with simple fractions like 1 out of 2 and 4.

Our lovely Mrs Symes made us a fantastic fractions wall and the whole (get it!! the WHOLE) class including Mr Robinson loved it!

Awesome amazing art

This term we have been learning about Stone Age.We have been drawing ourselves as Stone Age people and also have  drawn cave paintings.Everyones drawings were good but Goldcrests were the BEST! Everyone really enjoyed it.

Noah and Hollie

Wonderful New Year

Goldcrest have come back with a big smile after a great holiday and rest from school.

So far we have been learning about persuasive language and have been writing leaflets.We have also had a very special visitor.

It has been a magnificent start to our Spring term!

By Noah and Holly