IMG_3880[1]This week we started a new topic in maths called Fractions and we started off with simple fractions like 1 out of 2 and 4.

Our lovely Mrs Symes made us a fantastic fractions wall and the whole (get it!! the WHOLE) class including Mr Robinson loved it!

Fantastic home learning

As part of our home learning we were asked to write a character description of our favourite Roald Dahl  character making sure we used adjectives and adverbs to add detail.Some of this work is now proudly displayed in our classroom.



Welcome Year 3

Welcome to our blog!

Our first few days in Junior school have been exciting and we are looking forward to the year ahead.As part of our learning this week we have looked at the Roald Dahl book Matilda and we will continue with this exploring the text together.



Science day,rocks and soils.


Today has been Science day,we started by identifying rocks around the school site and thinking about some uses for them.Back in the classroom we observed, compared and grouped rocks thinking about their colour,size of grains and texture.

Update on our seeds

We have been carefully measuring the rocket seeds and recording their progress. We have applied our maths skills as we have calculated the percentage of seeds that germinated after 10 days, rotated the trays 180 degrees,  counted how many seedlings were alive after 17 days and today ,which was day 28 ,we had to randomly select 5 seedlings from our tray and count the leaves on each.We then calculated the average number of leaves  applying our knowledge of maths.




imageimage imageWe have carefully  sown our seeds today, they were tiny! The local newspaper came into take some pictures and talk to us about our experiment. We had instructions to follow,each seed had to be sown 2cm deep ,covered with compost and then labelled with a numbered stick. All of the trays holding our seeds are now in our greenhouse ,we will check on them daily .